Our Story

Hey mamas and mamas to be! My name is Sarah and I run my little shop with the help of my 3 and 4 year old "assistants". 
I live in Western New York, known for our treacherous winter blizzards and delicious chicken wings (they're called chicken wings here! What's a buffalo wing?!).  I've been married to my screen printer husband since 2017 and we have a daughter named Aria and a son named Mason. In another life, before motherhood, I was a physical therapist.
When I became a mom, I felt so excited to be a part of the "club" we had seen our friends become a part of over the years- the parenthood club.  But it wasn't always what we expected it to be- and we slowly learned that what makes it fun is surrounding yourself with a solid community of supportive and kind parents.
When Aria turned 4 months old, I decided not to return to work and began my journey of creating Kind Kids Club. Stay at Home Mom life has taught me resilience, multi-tasking, and just how much love my heart can hold for my family.
With Kind Kids Club, I have found a community who appreciates the essence (the good, the bad, and the downright crazy) of parenthood.  In creating Kind Kids Club, I wanted to merge my longing for creativity and love of dressing my children in cute clothing. We felt like we could fill a huge void in the kids apparel community, where it seemed like "aesthetically pleasing" clothing was pretty much nonexistent.
When my son was born, 16 months after my daughter, I realized there was another gap in the apparel world... clothing for little boys was really lagging behind. It seemed like girls clothing had so many different options, and boys were just a few.
Today we focus on creating "matching" apparel for the whole family- and I use the term matching loosely because I prefer "matching without being too matchy matchy".  You'll see a lot of similar designs between boys/girls here with exclusive and unique colorways.
We hope that you'll find your "club" here with Kind Kids Club.