Our Story

Welcome to our shop! My name is Sarah and I run our little shop with my husband, Justin. I dream up all of our designs and he prints them at his screen printing shop.
We live in Buffalo, New York, known for our treacherous winter blizzards and delicious chicken wings (they're called chicken wings here! What's a buffalo wing?!).  We have a daughter named Aria and a son named Mason who make us laugh and inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. By trade, I am a physical therapist and Justin has been a local business owner and screen printer for 12 years. In our spare time, we love working on our home and spending time together as a family.
When we had Aria, we felt so excited to be a part of the "club" we had seen our friends become a part of over the years- the parenthood club.  But it wasn't always what we expected it to be- and we slowly learned that what makes it fun is surrounding yourself with a solid community of supportive and kind parents.
When Aria turned 4 months old, I decided not to return to work and thus began our journey of creating Kind Kids Club. Stay at Home Mom life has taught me resilience, multi-tasking, and just how much love my heart can hold for my family.
I feel like with Kind Kids Club, I have found a community who appreciates the essence (the good, the bad, and the downright crazy) of parenthood.  In creating Kind Kids Club, we wanted to merge our passions and interests- our kids and the parenthood community. We felt like we could fill a huge void in the kids apparel community, creating high quality screen printed tees as a team.
And so we built our brand around kindness and quality- first beginning with kids tees and later expanding into mama tees and pennant flags. We recently have transitioned to even higher quality products- you'll find all of our new tees are made from 100% organic cotton right here in the USA and are dyed to custom colors you simply will not find anywhere else. Our pennants are handmade locally in our beautiful city of Buffalo, New York with the highest quality wool.



We hope that you'll find your tribe here with Kind Kids Club.