About Us

Hey sweet friend! I'm Sarah. I am a retiring perfectionist turned stay at home mama, and boy have I had to change my ways! I was once a career student, going to school forever and ever was something I LOVED. I eventually graduated and started working as a physical therapist, but my life took a turn when my husband, Justin, and I decided to start a family.
I was one of those pregnant mamas who said I would DEFINITELY be returning to work and considered myself more of a career oriented person than anything. But when Aria was born in May 2019 (May the Fourth, actually, to my fellow rebel princesses!) I was surprised to feel a pull to be home with her for longer than my maternity leave would allow.
Last minute, Justin and I decided together that I would stay home. First, we thought, part time would be fine. But as time drew closer to the end of maternity leave, we realized that's not what we wanted for our family either. In September of 2019, I told my boss I would be returning per diem, only working once every few months if I wanted to. And in September 2019 I started this shop.
It all started because Justin is a screen printer and I felt like I could design a lot cuter outfits than what I was seeing on the shelves for my new babe. You don't see a lot of shops carry teeny tiny sizes either, so I thought this could be something fun and maybe a few people would want to match us!
So, we printed our first batch of tees, made an instagram, and set up a website. We sold tees slow and steady through the holidays. Once Valentines Day rolled around, I was hand dyeing tees in my bath tub and realized this was a lot of work but it was work I enjoyed. I now outsource our dyeing and even some of our screen printing so I can focus a bit more on family, but we still run the entire creative and social side of our brand.
Life is a bit more crazy now. Aria is 2 years old and we now have a wild little boy, Mason who will be 1 shortly. We're building our dream home in the country during a pandemic, so thats kind of a wild ride. But we are here for it, and we are so excited you are too!