When we started our shop in September 2019, we were most focused on creating a brand which unified Justin's screen printing experience with my desire to bring to life a creative outlet which highlighted community.  We felt there was a void in children's apparel and we wanted so badly to fill it.  We thought that we could be a light in the big scary world of parenting.  Too often, the parenting world can seem competitive.  We aimed to transform that competitive landscape into one where everyone was welcome, while bringing unique garments made by our family.

As our brand has aged and learned from our experiences, we still aim to ultimately hold these values high on our priority list. But now, we hope to refocus some of the other aspects of our business, namely how we choose to manufacture our products.

Beginning with Summer Part 1, all of our tees will all be 100% made from scratch here in the USA from organic, high quality cotton.  USA made means supporting a cascade of US families- from the farmers who grow the cotton used to make our tee to the hands that sew and print them.  And organic cotton means leaving less of a footprint behind when all is said and done.

We hope that you'll support us in this transition. We are SO very excited to bring you improved quality, with the same loving messages of community & kindness.


With Love,

Sarah & Justin

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